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Mechanics is everything relating to the physical part of FRC. In this category, we will be delving in all aspects of building, from the way specific mechanisms work to the operation of shop tools.

Transfer of energy

There are many ways to transfer the energy stored up in the robot's KOP Interstate battery in order to accomplish a specific goal. Many different systems can be used to transfer this energy.


Other times, one needs to have something not move around. While we would all like to use duct tape for everything, there are many methods to holding something still or attaching two things together.



See our guides (linked below) on how to use specific tools

Special for 2035

Team Differences

Some teams may have access to tools such as waterjets, welders, plasma cutters, CNC mills, lathes, bandsaws,and much more. Yet many teams still create amazing and functional bots using a specific combination of these tools.

Some examples are as follows:

  • Some teams may not have access to welding or CNC, and will use a kit frame robot purchased from website such as AndyMark, using 8020 aluminum extrusions, as well as riveting
  • Other teams may have access to a waterjet/plasma cutter, and choose to make a design centered around bent sheet metal sections.
  • 2035's person favorite: Have access to one CNC and TIG welder, and build custom chassis using 1x2 square aluminum tubing with custom-machined axle blocks.

Building strategy simply depends on the resources available, and teams can be largely successful using any method.